InnovateHer – Getting girls ready for the tech industry

Date: December 9, 2022
Categories: 11-15 | 16-18 | Featured

InnovateHer’s mission is to get girls and non-binary teens ready for the tech industry and the industry ready for them. We want to make the tech sector more equal by increasing diversity within the sector, and establishing more inclusive workplaces.

We work with schools to encourage and empower their students into more tech-related GCSEs to build towards a tech career. We do this by providing free tech activities for students aged 13-17, via partner sponsorship. Find out more about our range of activities below.

Inspiring Assemblies
Our Inspiring Assemblies are run virtually, and aim to introduce and inspire students to the Tech industry, its diversity and how it needs to be improved, and the careers involved.

Role Model Talks
These talks are 30 minutes and are held either in-person or virtual, and the speaker will speak to students about their role, how they got into that career, and their overall journey, with time for a Q&A.

Our e-Learning Platform
Our online platform holds multiple educational programmes for students, from a ‘Meet The Expert’ series in which they meet several people who have different Tech careers, to our courses which we have short and long ones, one being our Tech4Good Course which teaches students all about UX Design.

Some of our partners include Sony Playstation, Co-Op, Very, BAE Systems, GCHQ, and many more. In partnership, with these organisations we are able to work closely with schools, and in some cases run field trips to the workplace, and partners attend School Careers Fairs/Days to inform students on their opportunities once out of school.