Top Sectors in Greater Manchester

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Greater Manchester is home to amazing organisations, exciting businesses, and endless opportunities. This makes it a great place for you to find your career.

These organisations operate in sectors – different parts of the economy. To be successful, each sector needs people with specialist skills. You can explore some information about the top sectors in Greater Manchester below.

Digital, creative & media

Digital skills are needed in almost all jobs. The digital, creative and media sector is very resilient. It includes industries like TV, advertising, telecoms, computer games and programming.

This sector is thriving in Greater Manchester, with major businesses working in cyber security, e-commerce (online shopping) and media.

Example careers
Graphic designer, digital marketer, animator, cyber intelligence officer, software developer, CAD technician, website developer


Manufacturing & technology

Manufacturing is all about making things – from biscuits and textiles to electronics and high-tech machinery. It also includes researching and developing new products, as well as running services such as purchasing.

Recently, the sector has moved towards using digital technology like artificial intelligence, automation and robotics. The need to make sustainable and low carbon products (including electricity) means that manufacturing is a vital sector to the modern economy.

Example careers
Mechanical engineers, tool makers, plant operatives, electrical engineers, packers


NHS, medical research & social care

Jobs in this sector are all about looking after people. There are hundreds of different types of jobs in health and social care. Some of these may be involved in researching new vaccines, treating medical conditions, or supporting people with day-to-day living needs caused by disabilities, illnesses or difficult life situations.

This sector covers jobs in the NHS and private hospitals, research laboratories, care homes, nursing homes and day care.

Example careers
Anatomical pathology technician, social worker, doctor (GP), district nurse, surgeon, support worker


Logistics & e-commerce

The logistics industry gets products from one place to another safely and on time. It’s extremely important when you buy things online and includes tracking, warehousing and delivery.

E-commerce (buying things online) has become more important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most businesses have created ways to make money online by launching new subscriptions or home delivery services. Joining the logistics and e-commerce sector means helping to keep all these online businesses flow smoothly.

Example careers
Logistics supervisor, supply chain manager, flows manager, sales assistant, franchise owner, marketing executive, visual merchandiser, buyer, distribution manager


Business, finance & professional services

This is a very wide-ranging sector. It covers a huge variety of jobs which support businesses to run and grow.

It includes things like banking, legal and HR. It also covers services that help companies become more efficient and reduce costs. The sector is quickly becoming more digital, especially in financial technology (FinTech).

Example careers
Accountant, solicitor, sales representative, recruitment consultant, financial advisor, HR manager, investment consultant, business development manager


Green Industries

Green industries is a huge growth sector, with lots of job opportunities. The vision for Greater Manchester to be ‘carbon neutral by 2038’ means this is only going to increase over the coming years.

The jobs in this sector are extremely varied. They focus on things like improving the energy efficiency of homes, low carbon transport, creating clean energy locally, increasing biodiversity and protecting nature. In time, all jobs will move towards being ‘green jobs’. Key employers in this sector are construction companies, universities or research companies and electricity and water utility companies.

Example careers
Electrical engineer, smart meter installer, project manager, architect, roofer


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